I hate spiders.

Nasty shit.


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$550-$600 to get the Beetle thru the annual PA state automobile inspection.

 …and I was planning on trading it in a few months.

Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

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Music Opinions (Part 1)

  • Listening to a Death Cab For Cutie CD is like eating a box of Lucky Charms and finding one marshmallow.
  • I think Dave Matthews makes up the tune as he goes along.
  • The DJs on Sirius’ Alt Nation channel suck royally.
  • I enjoy listening to Amy Winehouse almost as much as I enjoy not looking at her. She looks better on the radio.
  • Kaiser Chiefs are a great band.
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Pet Peeve (Part 1)

Most people have a name for their grandparents. More than likely that name was chosen as a child. If you choose to call them by this name when you are an adult, that’s fine with me. What do I care?

However, if you decide to discuss your grandparents with me, I don’t wanna hear…

“Yeah, I was at my Pap-Pap’s house this weekend, and we watched NASCAR.”

“Dude, my Gamgammy makes the best creamed corn.”

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Ilya who?

Looking back at my childhood, I recall that I had 3 dolls (action figures, dammit) that I played with regularly.

1) GI Joe – Every kid my age had one. No surprise there.

2) Chief Cherokee – From the Johnny West collection, he had a ton of accessories and could routinely kick Joe’s ass. FWIW, his indian clothes were part of his plastic body. You couldn’t strip him down.

3) Ilya Kuryakin – Huh? He was the Soviet dude from the TV show “The Man From UNCLE”. WTF?

This raises a few questions:

— What kind of twisted kid asks for an Ilya Kuryakin doll (action figure, dammit)? I don’t ever remember watching the show.

— What kind of twisted parent would buy their child an Ilya Kuryakin doll (action figure, dammit) if he never asked for one?

— What kind of fucked-up adventures can a Soviet agent, an All-American Hero and an Indian warrior have? It’s kind of a weird combination, but hey, I was a weird kid.

— Where the hell are my dolls (action figures, dammit) now? They are worth some money!! I have a hunch that my parents had a massive yard sale of all my kid stuff when I wasn’t looking. Either that or they threw it all out. I don’t even wanna imagine that possibility. I’ve asked them. They don’t remember.

Yeah, right.

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Restroom Radar

They installed new devices in the restrooms here at work. For the “oogie-sensitive” population, myself included, this is a giant step towards public restroom perfection.

…or so I thought.
We now have touch-free soap dispensers and towel dispensers. For you techie types, the Gojo TFXTouch Free Soap Dispenser and the ***Kimberly Clark In-Sight® Sanitouch® Roll Towel Dispenser. All we need now are auto-flushers and auto-on faucets.

My first exposure to the soap dispenser was disturbing. I was taking a whiz, when I hear a sound behind me like the motor drive on a 35mm SLR. WTF?
Apparently I am blessed with built-in stealth technology. I stand there waving my hands like some mystical washroom wizard trying to conjure up a spell, and the damn dispensers ignore me. FWIW, hitting a touch-free soap dispenser works. I have yet to find the sweet-spot on the towel dispenser. When I figure that one out, I’ll be a modern-day restroom Fonzie.

*** The Premium Washroom Market is highly demanding and requires Premium Products as well as an extended offer KIMBERLY CLARK PROFESSIONAL* offers a Range focused on premium High Image dispensers, where the “X Factor” is required. (from their website)

Our restrooms have “X Factor”. Awesome.

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New Site!

Welcome to the new home for my stupid posts.
The old one was scrubbed to protect the innocent.

Let’s see how long I can keep this going.

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